Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gulf Coast Soccer is a full service soccer club. We offer various recreational, academy and select programs that field teams in all available competitive levels and leagues throughout Southeast and South Texas as our needs require.   
Levels of Play Offered By South Texas Youth Soccer Association 

It is the mission of South Texas Youth Soccer Association to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the youth of South Texas by offering an environment that makes soccer fun and instills a lifelong passion for the game in its players and their families.

To accomplish this goal, STYSA provides various levels of play designed to fulfill the needs of players age 4 through 19 of various skill levels.

Division IV - Recreational – Under-10 and younger players
Children learn the basics of soccer through positive, fun training sessions that include short demonstrations and lots of participation.  The primary goal of this play level is fun and the opportunity to play. There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.
Division IV - Academy / Recreational Plus – Under-8 through Under-10 players
The Recreational Academy Program is designed to allow trainers to teach individual skills to Under-8, Under-9 and Under-10 players in a team training format.  Clubs must be pre-approved through an application process to offer this level of play. 
Division III - Recreational – Under-11 through Under-19
Designed for players who enjoy the sport for the social aspect as well as developing their skills, recreational teams in these age groups are formed through assignment of all interested participants to a team.   There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.
Division II – Competitive – Under-11 through Under-19
This introductory level of competitive play is designed for those who enjoy the social aspect of the game and want to continue to develop their skills through better competition.  There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.
Super II – Competitive – Under-11 through Under-19
Selection of players based on talent and ability is permitted and generally includes a pool of players from a broader spectrum.  Teams participate in the Super II league within the District which requires more commitment with regard to travel and expense. There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.
Division I – Competitive – Under-11 through Under-19
Recognized as the highest level of play within the state, players may be selected from across the state based on their ability, skill and commitment to the sport including a more demanding practice and game schedule.  There is no play time requirement at this level for U13-U19.  U11-U12 coaches must make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

*Levels of Competition within Division I*
  • Division I: this competition provides an opportunity for teams to play top teams within their own District (East and West).  These competitions are managed by the Division I associations, WDDOA and Eastern District Dynamo Dash League (DDL).
  • State Classic League (SCL): this competition is designed to provide play between the top teams in each District (U14-U18).  There is no play requirement at this level
  • Premier League West (PLW): this competition includes top teams from OK, NTX, and STX, making up the "west" sub-region (U14-U18).  South Texas teams are promoted to PLW through the promotion/relegation process between SCL and PLW.
  • Regional Premier League (RPL): this competition includes the highest level teams (U15-U18) in Region III (OK, NTX, STX, AR, LA, TN, MS, AL, NC, SC, GA, FL).  This is Region III’s most competitive competition.  South Texas teams qualify based on their performance in PLW.
  • National League: this is US Youth Soccer’s highes level of competition in the U.S.  Teams are promoted to National League based on their performance in their respective Regional Premier League.

Teams of all levels play through their Member Association or a designated play group (Super II, Division I, State Classic, and Premier League) during the fall season and, in some play levels, have the opportunity to advance to post season play in the Fall or enter Spring Cup competitions.

The competitions offered by South Texas Youth Soccer Association and the levels of play eligible for each competition are:
·      Fall Championship District Tournaments- Division II and Division III age groups are eligible for participation in tournaments scheduled for the first weekend in December. Each District determines whether tournaments will be offered at the Division IV U9 and U10 play level.
·      Fall Championship State Tournaments -Division II and Super II teams qualify for advancement to this event the second weekend in December.
·      South Texas Cup District Tournaments – league play is offered in the Spring through each Member Association for Division II and Division III teams with advancement to the District Tournament scheduled for early May.
·      South Texas Cup State Tournaments – first and second place teams advance from each District Tournament to identify a South Texas Cup champion in May.
·       Director’s Cup – U11 through U19 Super II and Division II teams are eligible to enter the spring competition to which first and second place teams from each District’s spring competition advancing to a State Tournament in mid-May.
·       President’s Cup – U11 through U19 Division I and Super II teams are eligible to enter a spring competition designed to identify the top two teams in each District to advance to the State Tournament in late May.  First place winners in the U13 through U17 age groups then qualify to advance to the US Youth Soccer Region III President’s Cup to be hosted by one of the Region III state associations.
·      US Youth Soccer National Championships – Although open to all levels of play, this competition is recommended for the highest level competitive teams.  Teams enter at the beginning of the year and compete within their District during the Spring season for an opportunity to be one of two teams advancing from each District to the State Cup to be held Memorial Day weekend.  First place teams in the Under-14 through Under-19 then advance to the USYSNC Regional Tournament to be hosted by one of the Region III states in mid June.