Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Board of Directors decided this summer to create an in-house staff position to manage the concession for the club. Our goal was to improve the quality of the food, improve the menu choices, and to make the concession stand a place where our members look forward to stopping by before or after a game.

We are very excited to announce Scott and Tina Legendre of Groves Café are joining our club staff to manage the new and improved concession stand. They have been working over the summer to create a new menu, set the club up with quality food suppliers and planning for the fall season. Scott and Tina have a strong commitment to supporting our community and the Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Club. Tina played here as child and loves soccer. They will be great a great addition to our team. We sat down with them to learn more about what our members can look forward to and why they chose to get involved at Gulf Coast Soccer…

Scott and Tina, 

Many of us grew up playing sports and visiting the concession stand for a snack, treat or a meal after our game was a big part of the fun. What kind of menu can our membership expect this season?

There are certain foods you look for when you go to a ball-park concession stand, and we plan to have those available. However, at the same time, it is important to promote healthy options for the kids and adults, so we will have some healthy alternatives as well. For example, we’ll be serving breakfast tacos and muffins as part of our breakfast fair. Alternatively, you can select healthy oatmeal or a fruit cup. We will also be carrying Groves Café signature coffee and cold brew to get the morning started off right. For lunch, we’ll have pulled pork or chopped beef sandwiches, hotdogs, nachos, and Frito pie or grilled chicken sandwiches for a healthier alternative. Once we get a new grill installed we will begin offering homemade hamburgers. Look for special items to appear occasionally to change things up from time to time.

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Gulf Coast Soccer is pleased to release our Parents Handbook for 2017. This handbook includes important information about our club that will help you get the most out of your child's soccer experience inlcuding:  

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At Gulf Coast Soccer we believe active kids are not only healthier and happier, but are also better positioned to do well in school. While we hope that all kids will explore and experience soccer during their youth, we also encourage kids to experiment with a variety of sports while they are young to enhance overall health and athletic development. Youth sports experts discourage specializing in a single sport before puberty. We agree! We also encourage kids to exepriment with a non-sports activities such as music, painting, dance or theatre. Activities such as scouting, volunteering, hunting and fishing also provide great platforms to support youth education and development. A healthy variety of activities keep kids active, engaged and encourages creativity. This page is intended to share useful information and articles relative to youth sports, overall health, education and development. We hope you enjoy! If you would like to contribute an article or suggest a future topic, please emal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Soccer can play an important role in a child’s physical and social development as it can increase speed and stamina while also teaching kids the importance of teamwork. Kids as young as 3 can participate, and soccer leagues are offered for children with different skill levels. Whether your child is lacing up their cleats for the first time or a pro who scores hat tricks nearly every game, the benefits of the world’s most popular competitive sport for kids are innumerable. Continue reading at https://goo.gl/C3CtDK


There are few sports which are popular and practiced all over the world. But no matter what country a child lives in, when a checkered ball is kicked towards them, they understand the message: Let’s play soccer! Pelé, Maradonna, Beckenbauer, Zidane, and Ronaldo have all achieved international superstardom with their magical footwork and skill. Children around the world wear jerseys with their hero’s name or number, and practice endlessly to perform the skillful ball tricks of their preferred star. According to the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), 265 million people play soccer worldwide, making soccer arguable the favorite sport of all time, and definitely a childhood favorite.

The Multiple Lessons of Soccer

As young children develop motor skills, they are naturally drawn to the challenges of playing with, and controlling, a ball. And not only does soccer provide these challenges, but at the same time it develops endurance, strength, coordination skills, cognitive ability, and social lessons. And to play a good game of soccer, a child needs a positive attitude and tactical understanding of the games ebb and flow. Continue reading at https://goo.gl/yU8wGe

7 Reasons Soccer is Essential for Kids

Just about any sport or physical activity will help to develop physical literacy and good movement skills. However, if you had to pick one sport that developed the most skills and capacities, it would have to be soccer.

Even at the basic levels of development, physical literacy includes a long list of fundamental movement skills. The most essential of these — out of hundreds — are generally accepted to be running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, hopping, skipping, galloping, and dodging. These skills are based in turn on a foundation of physical capacities called the ABCs of movement: agility, balance, coordination, and speed.

Throw into the mix some spatial orientation skills and cognitive decision making, and you have most of what makes up physical literacy. Continue reading at https://goo.gl/77xWXB

Insights to the Game - Micro Soccer Q&A

Our Micro Soccer program is a unique program that is aimed to meet the physical and social needs of 4-5 year olds through soccer. Children this age enjoy movement and action and lose interest and get bored quickly standing static. With the players being so young, still learning to interact with other kids and also in an ideal age to develop basic movement skills, we sat down with Technical Director Robert Parr to get some insight on the Micro Program and the age group in general. See the Q&A below or visit the Micro Program website for additional details.  

Q: What are our main goals for players in the Micro Soccer program?

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