Monday, July 16, 2018

The Board of Directors decided this summer to create an in-house staff position to manage the concession for the club. Our goal was to improve the quality of the food, improve the menu choices, and to make the concession stand a place where our members look forward to stopping by before or after a game.

We are very excited to announce Scott and Tina Legendre of Groves Café are joining our club staff to manage the new and improved concession stand. They have been working over the summer to create a new menu, set the club up with quality food suppliers and planning for the fall season. Scott and Tina have a strong commitment to supporting our community and the Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Club. Tina played here as child and loves soccer. They will be great a great addition to our team. We sat down with them to learn more about what our members can look forward to and why they chose to get involved at Gulf Coast Soccer…

Scott and Tina, 

Many of us grew up playing sports and visiting the concession stand for a snack, treat or a meal after our game was a big part of the fun. What kind of menu can our membership expect this season?

There are certain foods you look for when you go to a ball-park concession stand, and we plan to have those available. However, at the same time, it is important to promote healthy options for the kids and adults, so we will have some healthy alternatives as well. For example, we’ll be serving breakfast tacos and muffins as part of our breakfast fair. Alternatively, you can select healthy oatmeal or a fruit cup. We will also be carrying Groves Café signature coffee and cold brew to get the morning started off right. For lunch, we’ll have pulled pork or chopped beef sandwiches, hotdogs, nachos, and Frito pie or grilled chicken sandwiches for a healthier alternative. Once we get a new grill installed we will begin offering homemade hamburgers. Look for special items to appear occasionally to change things up from time to time.

Some people may wonder if they can get their favorite menu items from the Groves Café here. Can you talk about this and what the goals are for the concession stand?

The club asked us to provide traditional concession stand fare that is quality food and available quickly for people in a hurry between games so the objectives here are a little different than at the café as is the menu, but we will manage the concession stand with the same care we do at the café. We will bring our signature coffee, cold brew, and muffins from the café to compliment the menu. We are here as leaders in the community to help create a club environment that is inviting and fun for local and visiting teams and families. With the concession stand we want to do our part in creating that environment.

You have talked about how important it is to support the community and organizations like Gulf Coast Soccer. How do you think a quality concession stand that people look forward to supporting can help the club?

Communities are built around fun and food, and this will be a testament to that. We want to see this club continue to thrive and grow, and we look forward to having our own son (currently 7 months) play soccer here in the future. The Gulf Coast Soccer Complex is a wonderful place for children and is an important thing to have here in mid-County for many reasons, and we are here to support it any way we can.

How can the club and membership benefit from supporting the new concession stand?

From this point on, all profits will be going to the club as an ongoing fundraiser. These funds will directly assist the club with facility maintenance costs, lighting, or other future improvements needed at the facility. We all benefit from a better complex!

Lastly, when parents are heading to the soccer complex on Saturdays what would you like them to think of when they think of the concession stand?

I would like for parents to think of the concession stand as one of their favorite places to go on Saturdays to get their filling for the day. To think of their purchases as a contribution to continually help improve the club while also enjoying great food and beverages with friends while watching their kids enjoying this great game. That is our vision and we invite everyone to come and be a part of it.  

Scott and Tina, thanks for sharing your thoughts and vision for the new concession stand. We look forward to stopping by this fall to see you and check it out.

If anyone has comments or menu suggestions for the concession stand, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.