Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gulf Coast Soccer is very pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Changing the Game Project to provide useful and practical youth sports information and advice for our players, coaches and parents.

The Changing the Game Project was founded by John O’Sullivan (author of #1 best-selling book “Changing the Game”) in 2012 to help parents, coaches and young athletes make sports a more positive, and rewarding experience. Its mission is to ensure that we return youth sports to our children, and put the ‘play’ back in sports. The Changing the Game Project provides the most influential adults in our children’s lives – their parents and coaches – with the information and resources they need to make sports a healthy, positive, and rewarding experience for their children, and their whole family.

Gulf Coast Soccer members will now have access to the Changing the Game Project newsletters, blogs and a live workshop with John O’Sullivan coming to Southeast Texas in August. To learn more about the Changing the Game Project or to sign up for the Changing the Game Movement, please visit