Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gulf Coast Soccer is committed to providing high-quality soccer programs to our players and their families, regardless of their economic situation. To do this, we review our expenses each year to ensure that we are spending money in ways that directly benefit our members, with emphasis on maintaining a safe playing environment and on improving the quality of our coaching and referees. We then set our registration fees as low as possible, at the minimum levels required to cover our costs for these programs. 

If you have a financial situation that would prevent your child from being able to participate in a Gulf Coast Soccer program, you may use the attached form to request finanical aid. Your request will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, which may then offer an extended payment plan, a partial fee waiver, or a combination of both. 

Please note:

  1. Financial aid applications will only be accepted once per year per family. Applications are due no later than June 7 for the Fall Season, and no later than February 7 for the Spring Season.
  2. You must provide all information requested on the Application Form and also provide a copy of the IRS Form 1040 that you filed with the US Treasury on your prior year's Federal Income Tax Return. Anyone who did not file a Federal Income Tax Return during the prior year will not be eligible for a fee waiver from Gulf Coast Soccer, but may be granted an extended payment plan.
  3. All financial aid requests will be handled discretely by the Scholarship Committee. In some cases, the Scholarship Committee may ask that you provide additional information. All additional information must be provided in writing to be considered by the Committee.
  4. All applicants will be notified via email of the Scholarship Committee's decision regarding their financial aid request. We will send this response to all of the email addresses that were provided on your Application Form. The Scholarship Committee will have up to 20 days in which to finalize its decisions after the application deadline.
  5. For those individuals who receive a fee waiver, the amount will typically be in the range of 25% of the full cost to
    participate. In no case will a fee waiver exceed 50% of the full cost to participate. Fee waivers may not be
    transferred to other players, and no monetary payments will be made to a player or a player's family.
  6. Anyone who accepts a fee waiver will be required to provide a minimum number of volunteer hours on behalf of
    the club at specific events. The recipient will be provided a list of volunteer roles and my choose a role that most
    interests him/her or that fits his/her schedule the best. Each hour of volunteer service will be credited toward $10
    of the fee waiver received; no credits will accrue for hours worked above the fee waiver amount.
  7. All service hours must be completed no later than the date set by the Scholarship Committee. In cases where this
    obligation has not been met, the remaining portion of the fee waiver will be revoked and the player will be charged
    that amount immediately. All fee waiver recipients will be required to keep a valid credit or debit card on file with
    the club as a guarantee toward completion of this service commitment.
  8. Financial aid will be awarded solely on the basis of each applicant's documented financial situation, and will not be
    used as a recruiting inducement for “better” or “more talented” players.
  9. The total amount of fee waivers granted will not exceed the budgeted amount set in advance by the Board of
    Directors, regardless of the number of applications received.
  10. Players who are not in “good standing” with the club (such as those players who have outstanding balances owed from prior seasons) will not be eligible to receive any form of financial aid. 
Download Financial Aid Application Form Here