Why Players First?

Gulf Coast Soccer is pleased to receive recognition from US Club Soccer for meeting the Player First Club License qualifications.

Players First represents our commitment to continuous improvement in all pillars of player, coach, and club development and parent engagement. None of these pillars are more important than player-centric decision making which embodies the Players First rigid standards. We would like to thank our board, staff and coaches for the continued effort to put Players First!

By placing the long-term interest of each player at the center of all decisions in team placement, club operations and management, we ensure they learn and grow in the game and enjoy their experience and making lifelong memories of their time with us. We are dedicated to ongoing investment in coaching education and development. We want our players to have to have best-in-class coaching, development, competition and enjoyment in the game.

Players First is not a destination or a marketing slogan. Its a mindset and culture we emerse ourselves in and every day. We look forward to continuous improvement and serving the best interest of every player.