Micro Soccer Overview

The Micro Program provides 4- to 5-year old’s a fun, safe and developmentally-appropriate introduction to soccer.

In this program, we teach fundamental soccer skills, basic movement skills (the “ABC”s of agility, balance, and coordination) and generally help children learn to “move” skillfully and to enjoy being active. Players also learn how to work within a team environment, improve confidence and self-esteem, and enhance their social skills and interaction.

The Micro Program provides an Active Start to the LTPD model incorporated in throughout the club from U5-U19.

The Micro Program provides playing options for all U5-U6 players based on their birth year and prepares them for the Junior Rec or Academy Programs.

Key Objectives & Methodology of the Micro Program

· Key Objectives: Aid the development of gross motor skills, learn basic soccer skills, improve social interaction, and inspire players to love and grow in the game. 

· Methodology: Fun, soccer-related practice activities develop confidence with the ball. Short, fast-paced games improve each player’s understanding of the game while minimizing “idle time” and boredom.  



Team and Season Information

· Season Length: 14 weeks (fall) or 10 weeks (spring)

· Game Format: Small-sided 3v3, Continuous Play New Ball Format

· Team Structure: Co-ed, 5-6 players/team, balanced numbers of boys and girls

· Practice Frequency: Two (2) per week, 45 minutes each, beginning approximately 1 month prior to the first game.

· Games: One (1) each Saturday, with (4) 8-minute quarters

· Coaching: Volunteer coaches receive full-season GCS curriculum, free online and in-person training from US Soccer and mentoring from GCS Technical Director and staff coaches.


· Size 3 soccer ball (properly inflated, with a name on it)

· Soccer cleats

· Shin-guards

· Adequately sized water bottle (with a name on it)

· GCS Recreational Uniform Kit (purchased separately at registration)