Next Level Circuit Training

Next Level Circuit Training is a unique Player Development Program that improves players individual ability in four (4) key areas: Ball Mastery & 1v1 Moves, Goal Scoring & Finishing, Speed & Agility, and Decision Making. This elite training environment will provide players with individual training that will help them become more competent on the ball, make intelligent decisions, and score more goals.

Players will be evaluated and placed in like-talented groups and rotated through each station manned with a specialist coach in that core area. The expectation is that each player participating has a personal goal of improving their game and is serious about competing at the highest level.

What is Circuit Training?

The Circuit Training Method provides the opportunity for players to improve their game in several areas simultaneously. This exposure to a variety of training from different coaches in a short period of time is fun and inspiring for players. The circuit includes three (3) stations where different exercises are to be performed. Players will be at each station for approximately 20 minutes in fast paced, rapid execution of exercises to get their heart rate up and improve their focus. Players are expected to perform at each station to the best of their ability and jog between stations to lower the breathing and pulse rates while still staying on the move. After each player has attended each circuit, the groups will come together for small-sided or tactical positional games to work on game intelligence and decision making. A proper warm-up is required before each session so punctuality is a must!

Players will not be bored in Next Level Circuit Training because they are constantly moving and being exposed to a variety of training that targets different skill sets and elevating their game. This program is for the thriving player that aspires to reach their next level.

Each station will work on a different technical area of the game.

  • Ball Mastery & 1v1 Moves – Ball Mastery and 1v1 moves are the building blocks for the game of soccer. The fastest way to elevate a player’s game is for them to work with the ball. Players will learn to be comfortable on the ball with other players around them, have a purposeful first touch, be able to change feet, and manipulate the ball where they want. Players will learn how to beat players off the dribble and to combine to shoot and score. We will focus on the players performing the technique properly, then, as the players master these skills and improve their technique, we will work on performing the skill at game speed.
  • Goal Scoring and Finishing – Covering the various techniques and thoughts needed to be a clinical goal scorer. The focus is to improve the player’s ball striking ability and overall technique to create and finish goal-scoring opportunities. This will be achieved through repetitions of game-like situations in the attacking 3rd.
  • Speed/Agility, Injury Prevention and Strengthening – Athletes wanting to reach the next level need functional training in this area. From this program, players will become faster, more coordinated, gain more balance, and be a more complete athlete! The key is to ensure more training hours and less injuries.
  • Decision Making – Decision making is critical to becoming a great soccer player. In this session players will be exposed to a variety of small-sided positional games and tactical training games to improve their ability to read the game and make intelligent decision to maintain possession and help their team create scoring chances.   

Program Information

  • Cost: $80 per month, monthly payment plan option available.
  • Benefit: 90-minutes of training across 4 key functional areas.
  • Age Groups:  U8 – U10 | U11 – U13 | U14 - U19
  • Player Level:  Next Level Training programs is for the serious player who wants to elevate his/her game.
  • Dates:  Fridays (generally unless a special event or holiday) 
  • Time:  5:30 – 7:00 PM Players should arrive 10-15 minutes early to stretch and warm so they are ready to start the circuit training at 5:30 PM sharp!
  • Where: GC Soccer Complex, 5601 Twin City Hwy., Port Arthur, TX. 77642
  • Head Circuit Training Coach:  Roy Lassiter, GC DOC, former MLS & USMNT player. 
  • Who should participate? - If you are looking for a complete soccer workout then Next Level Circuit Training is the program for you. Each Circuit Training session will help players fast track their ability to drastically improve their soccer skills and ultimately take their soccer performance to the Next Level!

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