Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Program Note for Spring 2017: This season will be our 3rd year of the HS small-sided 7v7 program. Each year we evaluate all of our programs and look for ways to improve or make them more enjoyable for the players. Player feedback through the first two seasons is that having an upper and lower bracket based on experience would make the games more fun for all novice and experienced players alike. Below is a list of improvements we will implement this season. 

  1. This year we will offer two playing levels. One for new or beginning players and one for the more experienced players who may not be playing high school soccer or just want extra playing time. 
    • The more experienced bracket will play 7v7 coed same as before and may play games against teams from other clubs in SE Texas.
    • The less experienced or novice group will play 5v5 coed, but on a slightly smaller field. The 5v5 format allows for smaller rosters and more teams. Rationale: All new players regardless of age should begin playing at the recreational small-sided level to learn the basics of the game. As they learn and improve they can move up levels if they choose. 
    • Learn more about the Benefits of Small Sided Games
  2. The program is now open to U15 players who are still in the 8th grade and are too old for U14 and too young to play in high school due to the new US Soccer birth year playing age mandates. For this year, this includes 8th graders born in 2002. 

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Our small-sided high school program is designed to provide an opportunity for players U15-U19 to play and enjoy the game of soccer in a fun, safe, healthy and social environment. This recreational program is designed specifically for players who are in high school and 8th graders born between Aug 1 and December 31 that may be caught between the new USSF birth year and the traditional school year age cut-offs. By using a coed, small-sided playing format, this program provides older youth players with an opportunity to play soccer in a fun, intramural style of play that works for both novice-level and more experienced players. Players are divided into balanced, mixed-gender teams, but train twice per week as a group with players from other teams in the program. Teams will play one game each Saturday during the fall and spring season, and will train twice each week from August-November (fall) and March-May (spring). Training begins in early March while games are played throughout April and May.  

Games follow rules that are similar to indoor soccer, but are played outdoors. The following modifications to the Laws of the Game apply to all games in this league:

  • Games will be played on a standard U12 field (with smaller U12 goals)
  • Games will consist of two 30 minute halves
  • Teams will play 7v7 (6v6 plus goalkeepers) or 5v5 depending on the playing level
  • Games will be officiated by a single Referee
  • Teams must have at least 5 players on the field to play (including a goalkeeper)
  • A team may have no more than 6 male players on the field at any one time. 
  • Any goal scored by a female player will count as double (2 instead of just 1 point)
  • No punting or drop kick distributions are permitted by the goalkeeper; the keeper may distribute from the hands or put the ball in play on the ground
  • The offside law will not be enforced
  • No slide tackling is permitted; violations are penalized with an indirect free kick unless a more serious offense was committed as part of the same play
  • All restarts follow the regular Laws of the Game (including free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, kick offs, and throw-ins), but opposing players must be 8 yards away instead of the usual 10 yards on all restarts (other than throw-ins)
  • Since this is a social league more than a competitive one, if a game is a “blowout” by halftime (a 6+ goal lead), then we will consider that to be the final score.  We will then shuffle the squads to make two new (even) teams, and play the second half with the shuffled teams starting back with the score at 0-0.

Program Objectives

  • To provide high school age boys and girls with a fun fitness and social activity
  • To provide former players who no longer play soccer with an outlet to come back to the game
  • To provide players who may not play for a high school soccer team with a chance to play soccer during the spring season

Program Benefits for the Players

  • Age-appropriate skills training
  • Physical fitness
  • Social interaction with peers
  • A very low-pressure, player centered environment
  • Play the game they loved as a younger player

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