Soccer Starts at Home - Free Program for 2-6-year old's

Gulf Coast Soccer is excited to partner with the Houston Dynamo Academy and world-renowned soccer trainer and author Tom Byer in bringing his "Soccer Starts at Home" philosophy to Southeast Texas.


Soccer Starts at Home (SSAH) uses a unique methodology for parents to instill confidence and focus in their children in the comfort of their home all while developing basic soccer skills and fostering a bond over the love of the sport.


  • WHERE: At your HOME
  • COMMITMENT: Participate as much as you like!
  • WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: It's FREE and OPEN to the public!
  • FLYER: Gulf Coast SSAH Flyer 
    1. Join the club WhatsApp Group #SSAH Gulf Coast
    2. Look for a ball mastery technique instruction video from the Academy Skills Coach each week
    3. Introduce the skill to your child and watch them learn and improve every day
    4. Upload a video of your child and share it with the group.
    5. Be positive, supportive and keep it fun.

Children as young as two years old benefit greatly from the stimulation of brain functions and the mastery of basic technical skills will give them a significant advantage once they’re old enough to join league play. Even beginning players ages 6-10 have benefited from the Soccer Starts at Home methodology to learn basic ball mastery skills before entering organized play. 

The Soccer Starts at Home mindset emphasizes two things: the importance of getting children comfortable having the ball at their feet as soon as possible, and the vital role that parents play in early childhood development. The development of agility, coordination, balance, and basic movement skills are enhanced through regular ball manipulation with both feet.  

Discover the story of “Tom San” on HBO’s Real Sports and see how the Soccer Starts at Home philosophy changed a nation. Link to HBO segment Here: VIDEO

See what Anson Dorrance, Women's Head Coach, University of North Carolina says about Tom Byer and Soccer Starts at Home...VIDEO

Who is Tom Byer?

Byer played professionally in Japan in the late 1980s, before retiring to work as a youth coach. Today, many in Japan see him as a major catalyst behind the country’s rising status as a global soccer power, responsible for increasing soccer’s popularity and teaching fundamental skills to hundreds of thousands of children, including many of the nation’s most celebrated players. In 1988, the year Byer hung up his cleats, the Japanese men’s and women’s national teams weren’t even successful regionally. In 2011, the Japanese men took home the Asian Cup for a record fourth time, and the Japanese women’s national team won its first World Cup title.

"Through the development of his own sons, Tom Byer has shown that what has been accepted until now as common wisdom in the world of soccer is, in fact, wrong. Those of us involved in soccer can not help but to acknowledge this fact and humbly accept what Tom is telling us, because this will lead to a new kind of development in the game." Takeshi Okada - Former Head Coach, Japan National Team, 1998