Testimonials for Soccer Starts at Home

90 % of a Child's Brain is Developed by the Age of 5! That includes the part that controls muscle development and motor coordination. SO why wait until the child is 5 or 6 before starting skills development? Learn how to get your child started very early to give them a huge competitive advantage! No special coaches, no expensive camps, just fun at home with the family!

"Tom Byer and Soccer Starts at Home is going to completely change youth soccer development for those parents who follow it. This book is a great read, easy to understand, and you don't have to be a soccer player to help your kid excel!" Anson Dorrance - Legendary University of North Carolina Women's Soccer Coach - 22 NCAA National Championships, 1 FIFA World Cup Title

"I've known Tom Byer for 25 years and over those years we have talked a lot about soccer. In that time, he's focused his coaching skills on children and reached the point where he is, without any doubt, one of the world's leading thinkers on teaching children the technical skills of soccer" Paul Mariner - Former England Professional Player, UEFA Cup Winner, F.A. Cup Winner, and MLS Coach

"Tom Byer's Soccer Starts at Home is a game-changer - A revolutionary approach to developing better soccer players in America" Harvard Medical School's John J. Ratey, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry