Premier Teams - U11-U12 (9v9) | U13-U19 (11v11)

Gulf Coast Premier offers the high level of training and competition of all programs in the club. Premier players and parents are required to demonstrate a higher commitment to training and games.


Premier teams are coached and trained by our professional staff and are expected to train 9-10 months out of the year including offseason skills camps and pre-season team camps. They typically train (3) days per week, in addition to weekend games.


It is expected for Premier teams to play in the highest quality leagues available such as USC League, DDL Division I-Qualifying (U11-U13), Division I (U14-U19), State Classic League (SCL) or equivalent leagues.

Premier teams will play in 2-4 tournaments and/or college showcases per year depending on the age-group. Occasional out-of-state travel may be expected for high school age groups during the season. As such, Premier level players must have a substantial commitment to soccer for training and games.




Other Competitive Levels We Offer

If the Premier level does not meet the time and commitment level you are looking for, consider our entry-level Select or Pre-Select Programs.  

Select - is for beginning-to-intermediate level competitive players. These teams play in local Division II leagues (SYSA) that serve as an entry point to competitive soccer and/or those that aspire to play multiple sports and can not meet the D1 time commitments.

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