COVID-19 – Return to Play Financial Assistance Program

The COVID-19 Return to Play Financial Assistance Program has been created to help families that have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This assistance program will help families who had one or both parents suffer a job loss or severe financial burden due to the COVID-19 pandemic and whose children may not be able to return to play this fall without assistance.

The Financial Assistance Program is funded by:

  1. Fellow members who opt to attend the NextLevel Summer Camp instead of the partial credit toward the fall
  2. Gulf Coast Soccers' annual scholarship donation. 
  3. Gulf Coast Sponsors that have opted to suppor the COVID-19 Scholarship Fund 

While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill every request, we will make every effort to raise funds and help those families with legitimate needs to the extent funds are available. Please read, complete the application and submit all requested documents to be ensure you meet the qualifications required to receive assistance.

  • Your application must be received by email or at the address below for consideration. The board/committee will meet monthly to consider all applications received. A committee member will reach out to you once your application has been reviewed.  
  • Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality
  • Attach a brief explanation about your situation and why you are requesting financial assistance. Please include if this is a temporary need for assistance or long term. Without this information, your application may not be accepted.
  • The Financial Assistance Program operates on a “needs based” model, and is based on family income, household dependents, potential number of players requesting financial assistance and funds available in the program.
  • Can only be used for program registration, not training fees. 
  • Please provide a copy of our latest Tax Return (1040) as verification of income and number of household dependents.
  • Please provide a copy of any layoff, furlough or proof of unemployment as verification of income loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee and club Treasurer and Registrar will be informed of the amount of assistance a family receives. Otherwise, your privacy will be carefully protected.
  • We also have a volunteer/work to play program for anyone that prefers to volunteer and instead of financial assistance. Please check the volunteer box on the form, email or mail to the address below.  
  • Link to COVID-19 Financial Assistance Application (see side bar as well)
  • Mail or email your completed application to:

Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Club

COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program

P.O. Box 1311

Nederland, Texas 77642


Please make certain you include the following as proof of your financial need along with this completed application:

  • Copy of most recent Federal Tax Return for all adults in the household
  • Proof of layoff, furlough or unemployment due to COVID-19
  • Proof of eligibility for school lunch program or other assistance for the most recent school year
  • Financial aid application and award statement from private/parochial school
  • Statement of extraordinary circumstances that make it difficult to pay club dues due to COVID-19.

Anyone interested in donating to the COVID-19 FAP, can email FAP@gcysc,com to receive the necessary donation forms. Thank you!